Takeoff Calculator

Building Dimensions
Width (Feet)
Length (Feet)
Eave Height (Inches)
# of slopes
Eave Overhang (inches)
Gable Overhang (inches)
Pitch (X/12)

Totals (Sum of Product categories below)
Sq. Feet Perimeter
Roof Sheeting Wall Sheeting Trim Closures Screws
PanelsCountFeetInchesProductsPaint / FinishUnit PriceLine Total
Roof Panel
Side Wall

TrimCountFeetInchesProductsPaint/FinishUnit PriceLineTotal
Ridge Cap 3′
Eave 10′ 3″103
Rake 10′ 3″103
Base 10′ 3″103
Peak Box
Rake Ends

ClosuresCountProductsPaint/FinishUnit PriceLineTotal
Roof Inside Closures
Sidewall Inside Closures
Sidewall Outside Closures
Endwall Inside Closures
Endwall Outside Closures

ScrewsCountProductsPaint/FinishUnit PriceLineTotal
Roof (250 ct bags)
Sidewall (250 ct bags)
Endwall (250 ct bags)